Jitka Borowick of CleanGreen

Jitka Borowick was not born on Cape Cod, but she has definitely become a devoted and exceptional local. Born in the Czech Republic in 1978, Jitka was raised in a communist society until she was 11 years old. Going to business school taught her that she wanted to experience more, particularly new languages.

Jitka moved to the Cape in 2003 without knowing much English. She found a tutor and a professional job, and in 2011 graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Her entrepreneurial spirit truly emerged when she startedCleanGreen, an affordable, all-natural cleaning service for local families and businesses. Jitka’s love of the Cape shines through not only in her commitment to using non-toxic products safe for people and our fragile environment, but also in her civic engagement.

Jitka is involved with local organizations such as WE CANand CCYP to network and to give back to the community that has given her so much.
This year marks Jitka’s sixth year in business. CleanGreen has grown from one person to more than a dozen employees. She embodies the idea that if you “have a dream, with hard work and focus the dream will come true.”

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