Janell Burley Hoffman

Local woman Janell Burley Hoffman answers parents’ tech questions each week on her blog Plugged In: A Community Connection for Tech & Respect. She aims to give “real world examples and advice on raising a strong, healthy family in the media madness of today.”

Janell, a mom of five living in Sandwich, encourages parents, students and educators to get tuned in, educated and engaged about what is happening with technology.

She received a lot of national attention – the story was picked up by NPR and Good Morning America – when she wrote a blog post about her decision to give her 13 year-old son Gregory an iPhone. She consented, but only if he agreed to sign an 18-point contract that included the requirements that she always know the password and he never send inappropriate pictures, and the suggestion that he not simply Google the answer to every question he may have, but that he also continue to wonder.

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