Jam Packed July!

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here – summer 2017 on Cape Cod! These eight short weeks offer unique experiences that we don’t get to repeat in the off-season; we’re challenging ourselves to overcome our traffic loathing in order to soak up every bit of this special, fleeting season. We’ve rounded up some great ideas to share with you this month!

in this issue

  • Life moves pretty fast, and we don’t want to miss it. Check out our summer bucket list!
  • Our Chat With A Local: Judy Laster and John Gamache has us pretty pumped for the Woods Hole Film Festival.
  • Amanda drops some Shop Local Transformation truth on behalf of LoveLiveLocal.
  • LoveLISTENLocal with us this summer in Hyannis … if you Live for swashbuckling soirees, we’ve got the event for you … we’re truly smitten with our favorite new Local haunt, and you will be too!

what’s up + where to get down
A few of our favorite things to do in July:

Happy summer everyone! Have fun, take care of the place we call home, and support locally owned businesses … please!

 Locally Yours,
Jen, Kate + Amanda

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