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Startup Weekend Cape Cod: Nov 14-16

Ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Startup Weekend Cape Cod is an amazing way to learn the basics of found a successful venture.

A “global grassroots movement,” Startup Weekend holds events in over 100 countries and 580 cities around the world.  Through the workshops, budding entrepreneurs practice their pitches, network with like-minded peers, organize into teams to work on projects, and present ideas with the help of coaches who are more established business owners. Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds, including web designers and developers, sales and marketing experts, makers and artisans, accountants and engineers.

For a $99 investment, Startup Weekend Cape Cod offers “a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation.”  Led by a group of local volunteer coaches with venture and startup backgrounds, the weekend begins with dinner and networking on Friday evening. After meeting the speakers and coaches, you’ll have a chance to pitch your idea. Then teams form and the ideation begins! Over the next two days you’ll work with your team on taking an idea from concept to near-reality with the help of coaches. You’ll gain insight into the high and lows, rewards and challenges of creating something from scratch.

Rodrigo Passos, web developer at Dative and a member of the winning team two years in a row, says “It’s a safe space to pitch your idea, where you can test how solid it is before you actually go and spend money on it.” (Hear more of his advice.)

There’s still time to register for the November 14-16 Startup Weekend Cape Cod at Cape Cod Community College. Don’t let this fun and energizing weekend pass you by!



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