How to Shop Local?

How to Shop Local?
{a monthly Q & A with LoveLiveLocal}

Over the past three years LoveLiveLocal has become a resource for Cape Codders who are wondering where they can purchase things locally. So, we’ll be answering questions each month in order to help our collective mission to put more of our dollars into the local community.

This month’s question:

How do I register for a special occasion, such as a wedding or baby shower at locally owned shops so that it is easy for locals and friends and family over the bridge?

Most local stores do not have registries built in to their websites, as it might not be available on their website platform or it might be cost prohibitive.

Fortunately there are websites that enable the user the add items from any website anywhere, as long as the business has items listed separately on their site. enables the customer to add items from local stores such as Snow’s Home & Garden, Design Works, Shift Eco Boutique and The Little Beach Gallery, to their personal registry, and people can buy the item directly from the local store’s site. Similarly, allows you to register for everything you need all in one place, as well as provide commentary to your loved ones about why you need each item. These sites are seemingly the perfect solution to making gift giving easy for your friends and family, while also directing traffic and spending to small local businesses.

Do you have a question about where to find something you need at a locally owned store? Email us at and we will try to include it in our next email.

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