How to Shop Local?

How to Shop Local?
a monthly Q & A with LoveLiveLocalOver the past three years LoveLiveLocal has become a resource for Cape Codders who are wondering where they can purchase things locally. So, we’ll be answering questions each month in order to help our collective mission to put more of our dollars into the local community.

We were asked recently where one can purchase appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and washers and dryers.
Most people automatically assume that purchasing an appliance at a smaller, more local shop will mean that the price will be significantly higher. This is due to clever marketing and merchandising by large corporate retailers that lead shoppers to make assumptions about price differences and affordability, which are not necessarily true.

We consulted a few friends who had recently shopped for appliances for their new homes. One shopped online with a national store, and had nothing but headaches. The first refrigerator she ordered didn’t fit – even though she ordered the same size as the previous one – and it took weeks for her to get through customer service to get a replacement of the correct size.

Our other friend did a significant amount of research online on the brands she wanted and the prices she was willing to pay for her new appliances. She said due to LoveLiveLocal’s influence and suggestions about local appliance stores like Crane Appliance, Ferguson or KAM, she decided to shop local first.  At the local shop, she found that the brands she wanted were available and the right price, and the customer service was incredible. On her way to a national retailer to comparison shop, she decided she would not fall for the false claims of national retailers that they have a cheaper and better product, and spend her dollars locally.

Do you have something to add to the conversation? Please add a comment. Do you have a question about where to find something you need at a locally owned store? Email us at and we will try to include it in our next email.

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