How to Shop Local?

How to Shop Local?
a monthly Q & A with LoveLiveLocal

Over the past three years LoveLiveLocal has become a resource for Cape Codders who are wondering where they can purchase things locally. So, we’ll be answering questions each month in order to help our collective mission to put more of our dollars into the local community.

This month we were asked a question about where to buy a cribbage board locally, rather than going to a superstore. This got us thinking that people might like to know where to buy a variety of indoor and outdoor games for summer fun whether it is a beach day or a rainy afternoon.

We’ve had a lot of success finding outdoor games for our LoveLocal Fest (perfect activities for kids and adults!) like golf toss, Velcro ball and toss and badminton at Snow’s Home and Garden, where they also have a large supply of indoor entertainment as well.

Dr. Gravity’s Kite Shop in Harwich Port is a great place to not only find kites, but other games like kan jam, as well as puzzles, popular board games, and crafts. The Red Balloon Toy Shop in Orleans and Mashpee also has a great selection of new and classic games like Playmobil®, Bruder®, Lego®, and arts and crafts.

If you are on vacation on the Cape or have a big group of visitors coming into town, Essential Rentals has activities and games to rent to keep everyone engaged and having a good time.

Do you have something to add to the conversation? Please add a comment. Do you have a question about where to find something you need at a locally owned store? Email us at and we will try to include it in our next email.

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