How to Shop Local?


a monthly Q & A with LoveLiveLocal

Over the past three years LoveLiveLocal has become a resource for Cape Codders who are wondering where they can purchase things locally. So, we’ll be answering questions each month in order to help our collective mission to put more of our dollars into the local community.

This month’s question from Laura: I’m curious where do you go for great healthy skin care products I usually shop at Ulta, but I wasn’t sure if there was a local spa or shop that carries the same or better products?

It is so amazing that Cape Codders are looking to shift their spending in their everyday products. It can make all of the difference in the community.

That said, there are so many places, locally that carry great beauty and body care products in their retail sections. Local spas are a great first stop for specialty skin care products and makeup:  from Bellezza in Falmouth and Solstice Day Spa in Hyannis, to Supple Apothecary in Orleans.

For more specific skin care needs  Samantha Welch Esthetician has a great selection of products and can always special order. And just to make the decision harder Artisan Skin Care in Orleans makes her own cleansing oil (hot new trend) and Anya’s Herbals makes some great organic body care products locally.

Do you have something to add to the conversation? Please add a comment. Do you have a question about where to find something you need at a locally owned store? Email us at and we will try to include it in our next email.

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