HOW: Heart of Wellness

In the United States heart disease is responsible for 1in 3 deaths. In an effort to raise awareness of this leading killer of men and women, the American Heart Association spearheaded an effort to have February deemed American Heart Month.

Barnstable resident David Sauro has organized a more localized effort to bring attention to heart health issues that he has named HOW: Heart of Wellness. In order to educate women and men about how to improve one’s heart wellness, he curates unique programs that are a combination of live music, talks and videos.

On Sunday, March 1 from 2-4pm HOW will host one such event, “Lessons for a Healthy Heart,” at Our Lady of Victory Parish Hall in Centerville. The event will feature music by Alicia Mathewson of Sounding Still Wellness, as well as information and tips from local wellness experts Tammy Smith, Pat Clark and Sherianna Boyle.

It is Sauro’s hope that this holistic approach to dispersing this important information will inspire attendees to live a life with the heart wellness awareness necessary to combat heart disease.


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