Hidden Hollow Under the Stars

Heritage Museum & Gardens
June 14

Over 100,000 people visit the Heritage Museum & Gardens to view its beautiful gardens, art galleries, vintage carousel and automobile collection. Many of those visitors are school children who come to learn in the Hidden Hollow, which is one of New England’s first certified Nature Explore Classrooms.

The Hidden Hollow is in a two-acre dry kettle hole, and is a great setting for exploring and learning about the natural world with its stepping stumps, log balance beams, and forts. It is also the perfect place to create nature-inspired art, build with blocks, dig in sand, experiment with water, make music, and discover vegetation and wildlife.

On June 14 from 7pm to 9pm, adults will stage a takeover of the Hidden Hollow for a night under the stars. No kids allowed – just Cape Cod Beer, tasty treats and live music from the Adam Hofmann Revival Band. It will be a night where the adults get to be the kids, and explore the Hollow without any distraction or interference. The proceeds from the $30 entrance fee will fund the educational programs that Heritage Museums provides in and out of the classroom for both students and educators.

Before the event you can meet up with friends for a snack at the Marshland Restaurant. Try their homemade stuffed quahog or award winning cup of clam chowder. Want to head out with friends after? Go for a drink overlooking the Cape Cod Canal at the Aqua Grille or Hemisphere.

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