hello 2017!


Happy New Year, friends! We’re hoping that 2017 brings lots of hope, joy and success to Cape Codders … and so far, we’re off to a pretty good start. Just look at all the great things happening in this issue alone!

in this issue

  • Save The Dates! We’ve got your quick + dirty 2017 preview so get out your planner and start marking down the year’s best events.
  • Chat With A Local: Paula Hersey of the Cape Cod Community Media Center brings enthusiastic energy that we just had to share with you! Get inspired and get involved.
  • We’re continuing our focus on helping make it easy for you to support local businesses. Now we’re planning some Shop Local Transformations! Want to be one of them? Read about the project and let us know!
  • We Love starting the year with “Pawsitive” developments … If you Live on Cape, don’t miss “Friday Night Raw”… Local Main Streets are the heart of Cape Cod – help dress this one up!

what’s up + where to get down
Who says the Cape’s got nothing going on during the winter?!
Here are some of our top picks for January:

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Locally yours,
Amanda, Jen and Kate

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