Girls’ {& Boys’} Pint Out

Local Break
Eastham, MA
March 20 from 7-10pm

Your local “ladies of lager” and “angels of ale” at Girls’ Pint Out (GPO) are teaming up with Eastham’s Local Break and Clown Shoes Beer, a Massachusetts brewery with a sense of humor, to celebrate the equinox with an informal tasting. A national organization dedicated to increasing women’s knowledge of beer, GPO collaborates with brewers and local establishments to “promote a sophisticated level of beer appreciation among women, and bolster the craft beer industry in general.”

Sarah Richardson, head of GPO’s Cape Cod chapter, says, “Our last two events have been wildly popular. All the men we know have been curious about the fun, so we’re opening this month’s get-together up to them. Local Break is an ideal venue to try some new brews and have a bite to eat.”

Stop by any time between 7 pm and 10 pm to try out Hoppy Feet, Clown Shoes’ new black IPA that sounds uplifting and grounding all at once with its grapefruit and pine nose and dark chocolate backbone, Clementine White Ale, Muffin Top Belgian-style Tripel, and more. While you have to be 21 to drink, families are welcome to get a table and enjoy Local Break’s menu, which features fresh and local ingredients wherever possible.

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