Friends of Bass River

bass river

A favorite spot on Cape Cod for many locals to go sailing, fishing, boating, swimming, bird watching, and clamming, Bass River is one of the largest and most beautiful waterways on the peninsula (and rumor has it, an old Viking haunt!), passing through Yarmouth, Dennis and Brewster.

But like many bodies of water on Cape Cod it has been subject to the pressure and pollution that often accompanies human activity. The newly formed nonprofit Friends of Bass River, started by Bass River enthusiasts Bob Churchill, DeWitt Davenport and Mark Anschutz, seeks to educate the public about the effects of high nitrogen levels from septic systems; collaborate with town governments, the business community and environmental groups on ways in which the pollution can be curbed and cleaned up; and work towards preserving and protecting the delicate ecosystem, ponds, coves and sub-basins of the Bass River Estuarine System.

Our community relies on clean waterways for tourism, recreational activities and fishing, and the Friends of Bass River seeks to ensure that their beloved one can be protected and thrive for future Cape Cod generations.

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