Ebb and Flow

ebb and flow

You’ve probably heard us talk about The Current Quarterly – the pocket sized fashion and shopping magazine that shows consumers where to shop local for their needs and desires. Full disclosure, LoveLiveLocal co-founder Amanda Converse is the force behind it, and she has teamed up with Therapeutic Bodywork owner Beth Madden to create another square-sized publication that focuses on the Cape Cod health, wellness and sustainability community: Ebb and Flow.

The intention of the magazine is to make the connection between the knowledgeable and passionate group of wellness and environmental professionals on Cape Cod, and the community of people seeking information to better their own health and the health of the Cape’s environment.

They will do this by educating consumers, connecting local practitioners to one another and inspiring Cape Codders to take care of themselves and the environment through their print publication, on their blog and through social media with the underlying mission to make Cape Cod a healthier, more sustainable community.

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