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We recently read an article about the topic of “local shaming,” what the author deemed to be the practice of making people feel guilty for not shopping locally in her community (which was not, incidentally, anywhere near here). As an organization dedicated to, well, everything local on Cape Cod, we reflected a bit on the piece and while we feel pretty confident that we instead practice “local encouraging” – a much more positive and productive approach, it was worth reminding you, our readership, that we at LoveLiveLocal cheer every time you make one small choice for a local business instead of a conglomerate. We know it can’t be every choice, every time – but please be proud of the small shifts and keep making them. When those choices add up to just $50 per adult on Cape Cod, per year, that could put another $4 million into our local economy! Keep it up!

in this issue
  • The Current Quarterly, the Cape’s first and only fashion magazine, is putting on Style Makers Month – a series of unique and fun fashion events across Cape Cod throughout the month of May and we’ll tell you all about the dates you don’t want to miss.
  • Our Chat with A Local: Casey Gallant, is a true gem!
  • Where To Find It: This month, we help you find awesome paper goods at local sources!
  • You will Love Randa Glass’ gorgeous creations as much as we do … we Livefor local music, and May came to get down … clear your slate for our latestLocal culinary obsession.

 what’s up + where to get down

 Locally yours,

Amanda, Kate and Jen


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