Diamondsedge Farm

West Barnstable’s Diamondsedge Farm offers various programs for people of all ages, from riding lessons to after-school programs to private parties and working with nonprofits, such as the Special Olympics.

They also emphasize that riding and interacting with horses is not only great exercise but it is also meditative and a way to connect with your body through communication with the horse.

The weekend of September 26, Diamondsedge will join with Wellness Paths, a local health and wellness coaching service, to host a unique holistic healing retreat for women. During the weekend participants will experience equine therapy, stress management and bodywork with aromatherapy, in addition to a private riding lesson and a humor workshop.

The trainers and coaches hope that the women will learn the philosophies that guide their horses:

“Take life’s hurdles in stride;
loosen the reins;
be free spirited;
keep the burrs from under your saddle;
carry your friends when they need it;
keep stable;
spur yourself onto Greatness.”

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