Densmore Knives


At LoveLiveLocal we love discovering a locally made product that is truly unique and beautifully handcrafted. Upon seeing the work of Densmore Knives, it was love at first sight! Sam Densmore, the man behind the knives, is out of Woods Hole and is an incredible artist and gifted craftsman.

Each knife is custom made to order and is truly a piece of art. He works closely with each customer based on their vision, hand size and desired uses to create a product that is distinctively gorgeous and wonderfully functional. Densmore Knives include a high-quality steel knife blade, wooden handle, and leather sheath accented with custom details done with inlay, etching, and painting.

Sam works with exquisite materials like oak (sometimes from a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel!), spalted maple, rhododendron wood, walnut, lacewood, ziricote and purpleheart along with brass, ebony, steel and titanium to name a few. View the impressive collection of his work online or follow along on densmoreInstagram for a behind-the-scenes look.

He proudly admits his knives make “wonderful gifts for the gardener, the sailor, the carpenter, the cook, the handyman, or anyone who appreciates a beautiful marriage of form and function.” We couldn’t agree more!


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