Crush Your Cabin Fever

lll_cabinOnly five weeks into 2015 and the excitement of the new year seems to be lost somewhere between an icy patch of road and a snow bank!  There’s only one thing to do for the cabin fever: fill your calendar up and before you know it, March will arrive with longer days and the promise of spring. Lucky for you, we’ve found a month’s worth of activities!
in this issue
We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to beat the winter blues without heading over the bridge.  Our passion during this love-filled month is for some of the Cape’s creative women and the diverse set of events they are offering.  And LLL co-founder Amanda Converse offers up the second installment in her journey to shop primarily locally in 2015.Love your heart this month with an important event for your health.  Of course, indulging in moderation is equally essential, so our Live pick for the month will check that box (of chocolate).  Head to a new Local restaurant to feel like you’ve escaped to a sunshine state.
what’s up + where to get down

It’s also LoveLiveLocal’s second birthday!  When we started sending our email updates in February 2013, we had no idea that so many people would be interested in what we had to share or that we would eventually host LoveLocal Fests to highlight all the local artists, makers, musicians and small businesses we love or that we would re-vamp the Bismore Park Visitors’ Center in Hyannis Harbor.  Sharing our local love has been more rewarding than we ever imagined, and we are excited to take it to the next level in 2015 (stay tuned).  Thank you for your generous support!
As always, locally yours,
Amanda, Jen and Kate

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