Cod Town

The idea for his local brand came to Sandwich native Chris Sutton while watching a skateboarding documentary in 2001 – it referenced a tight crew of skateboarders from what they called “Dog Town.” Sutton inserted “cod” for “dog” and Cod Town was born.


About three years ago Chris’ logo officially made it onto a t-shirt. He liked the idea of making his own favorite t-shirt so that’s what he pursued. This past winter Chris started to take his brand seriously. He found an apparel company and a new screen printer, collaborated with three local artists to create graphics: Midas from Old’s Cool Cycles, Corey Garrett, and Tim Ellis Cole atPartner Projects, and launched an official Spring line (our favorite piece – a pair of yoga pants that quote “Post Tot Naufracia Portus, or, “After So Many Shipwrecks A Haven”).

You can find Cod Town goods at the Boarding House in Hyannis, at the Levitate Music and Arts Festival, and the August and September LoveLocal Fests. Sutton says his full website will be launched this summer and, in the meantime, “merchandise is always available directly out of the trunk of [his] car.” Follow Cod Town to get in touch!

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