Chill Out in Chatham

Take a Casual Trip Out to the Cape’s “Elbow”
With its higher-end shops, notable resorts, and stunning homes, Chatham is often thought of as a special-occasion destination.  A more relaxed Chatham exists, however, and it can be an ideal place to clear your mind.

Begin your day with a relaxed breakfast or lunch at hangar B eatery, located (just about) on the tarmac at the Chatham airport. Their focus on fresh ingredients and a creative menu is refreshing. Don’t leave without a jar of raspberry balsamic jam!

Spring is a perfect time to check out the Chatham Lighthouse and panoramic views without fighting tour bus crowds, so stop there on your way downtown.  Start at the Shore Road end of Main Street to visit Fisherman’s Daughter, an eco-friendly boutique owned by a local clothing designer and shellfisherwoman, and The Atlantic Workshop, featuring one-of-a-kind, nautically inspired and handcrafted works.

Once you’ve made your way down Main Street, head over to Chase Park with a blanket to get some Vitamin D, or, for a mindful alternative, find “true North” at the labyrinth. The park is dog friendly so grab a frisbee at The Chatham Beach Dog and bring your pup. Looking for a good hike? Try Harding’s Beach.

Whether you are looking for a laid-back end to your day or something more upscale, Chatham has plenty of options.  Stop by The Red Nun for a burger and a Cape Cod Blonde, sip on a cocktail at Del Mar, or call ahead for a traditional English high tea at The Captain’s House.

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