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chat with a local :: Rory Eames of Organic Market

Dennis native Rory Eames has been a part of the family business since she was a child. Her mother Darby opened her first natural foods store with her sister Lynn in 1978 in a 600-square-foot space in West Harwich. Today, Rory is president of what has now grown into Organic Market, a thriving group of stores located in Mashpee Commons, Dennis Port and Chatham.

Did you always know that you wanted to be involved in it to the extent you are now? Of course when I was 16 I wanted nothing to do with it but once I was in college I fell in love with the natural products industry and our store’s mission.

What would you say to people who think shopping at a small, local grocery store is too expensive or not necessary? I feel like we have a double challenge in this respect because we are going up against two falsehoods: 1. that organic means more expensive and 2. that local stores are more expensive. In our case neither are true. Organic Market’s everyday grocery items are super competitive with any major grocery store in the area not to mention that we have over 350 items on sale every month.  And our organic produce prices beat a lot of the conventional prices at most larger stores not to mention organic.  Our buyers shop prices monthly at our larger competitors to ensure we are meeting or beating their prices.

How is Organic Market different from any other market on the Cape (local or regional/national)? We are the largest full service organic and natural foods grocer on Cape Cod and have been open for 38 years. We are always evolving and changing to adapt to our marketplace and community’s needs.  We only stock organic produce and all grocery items are either certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified or come from a local source we trust.

What is your mission? We do the right thing… we provide value to our community by providing the best products at competitive prices and our staff and customers mean the most to us.

What makes you most proud about being a Cape Cod business owner?The amazing community of local businesses we have here on the Cape and how we can all come together to support local charities and events is really special. 

What is your favorite thing to do off season on the Cape? Actually having some free time to spend with family and friends in the summer! It is so crazy I just try and know what day it is. I have such an amazing group of girlfriends that all own businesses: Ember and The Port in Harwichport, White Marlie in Chatham,The Red Nun in Chatham and Dennis Port to name a few.

What are you looking forward to most about summer 2016? We have some super exciting things launching right before summer hits! You will have to wait and see!

Thanks for chatting with us, Rory! We are anxiously awaiting Organic Market’s upcoming news and thank Rory and her team for their tireless efforts in our Cape Cod community. Visit them soon and see for yourself!

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