chat with a local :: Meaghan Tower of SUP CC

For this month’s chat, we took a sunset stand-up paddle at Town Neck Beach in Sandwich with SUP CC  founder Meaghan Tower. Her Cape Cod paddle-boarding inspired apparel brand has taken off in the past year and can be found online as well as LoveLocal Fests and many other events.

How long have you been paddling?
Four years this weekend! I paddle mainly for fun and fitness. I love what paddling and the salt air do for the mind, body and soul. It gets me out on the water and into my element. I enjoy that the sport is so versatile. You can go out on a calm pond for yoga or a quiet paddle. On the flipside, you can hit up some waves and paddle surf out on the seashore.

What inspired you to start SUP CC?
I was sitting in front of the fireplace during a blizzard in 2015. I couldn’t take the snow anymore (even though I do enjoy skiing), and started to “think warm.” I couldn’t wait to break through the ice and get on my board. My sister’s birthday was approaching and since we grew to love the sport together, I thought a SUP-related tee would be a great gift. Once I started my search, I knew I could probably design something myself. I went to college (many years ago now-ha!) for fashion design and merchandising, so I just needed to brush up on some Illustrator skills. Then I realized there wasn’t a paddle boarding lifestyle brand on the Cape. The sport is huge down here, so I thought if I was on the search for a lifestyle brand to rep the sport I had grown to love so much, there must be others out there as well.

How would you recommend others get started?
I would contact a local rental shop. There are so many from Onset Bay up to Provincetown and in between. Most shops will offer a lesson. Some will even have tours and excursions with a guide. Rentals will vary shop to shop, but most have daily or weekly rates. Our first rentals and our first boards came from Inland Sea in West Dennis where my sister Katie and I grew up spending summer vacations.

What are some of the ways you support the health of our waterways?
My Cape Cod silhouette logo tee and long sleeve support the Associate to Preserve Cape Cod. The APCC’s mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural resources here on Cape Cod. I have done a few races on Cape – Paddle the Bays in Cotuit, which raises donations for Three Bays Preservation and Cape Cod Shark Paddle, which raises donations for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.  Like so many others, Cape Cod is a very special place to me. I truly believe in the importance of preservation so we can all enjoy its beauty for many years to come.

What are your favorite spots to SUP?
I have so many! West Dennis Beach, Swan River, Bass River, Crosby Landing, Great Pond, Pleasant Bay, Cotuit Bay… I could keep going. It depends where I am bopping around the Cape and where my friends want to meet.

Tell us about your Cape Cod dream day!  
First, it would have to be a mild sunny summer day. I’d start my morning with a light jog along the water. Refresh with a Flourish from The Local Juice and toss on my favorite swim suit. Then I’d grab my Cape Cod Beach Chair, a packed cooler and head out to meet friends at the beach for paddling and games. After a post-beach shower, I’d put on a cute dress from one of my favorite shops on the Cape (Shift Eco Boutique, In The Pink or Devinto Designs) and head to the Oyster Company for happy hour. Nothing says perfect beach day like fresh local oysters. Since I’m describing my dream day, I would have to have dinner at the Ocean House. The spiced yellowfin tuna and the warm chocolate molten cake are my favorites. I paddled all day, dessert is a given ;) I’d end with some local brews (ESB from Devil’s Purse and porter from Cape Cod Beer are my picks) around a beach bonfire with all of my favorite people.

If you’re a stand-up paddle fan, SUP CC gear makes a unique addition to your wardrobe or special gift. Be sure to follow Meaghan on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on SUP CC news!

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