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Barnstable Harbor is a well-kept secret on the north side of Cape Cod. A thriving ecosystem – as evidenced by the almost Caribbean blues and greens of its waters – the Harbor sits south of the six-mile Sandy Neck barrier beach and spills out into Cape Cod Bay. Joe Nastasi leads Barnstable Eco Tours, providing expertly guided trips on theHorseshoe Crab, his custom-built tour boat.

Tours are about two hours long and are available at least through September. Here’s what Captain Joe has to say about getting closer to nature on his tours:

What’s the best time to take an eco tour of Barnstable Harbor?
Those of us who are lucky enough to work on Barnstable Harbor think that anytime is a great time to go on a tour of the Harbor and Great Marsh. September is especially nice, as are all things Cape Cod, because of great weather and the beginning of the changing of seasons.  Great time for migrating birds as well.

Why do you love showing locals and visitors these areas?
Sandy Neck and the Great Marsh are special because they give you a glimpse of what all of Cape Cod used to be 100 or more years ago – unspoiled beauty with historic significance. 150 years ago Barnstable Harbor was the hub of just about all activity for most of Cape Cod. Barnstable was and is responsible for transforming the area from farming then fishing as the way most people earned their living to what it is today.

What can we expect to see on a tour?
On one of our tours you will see breathtaking vistas of Sandy Neck, the Great Marsh, and the cottage colony at Sandy Neck and its historic Lighthouse. There are usually (but not always) great bird sightings (some rare and or endangered), possibly seals, schools of fish.  We have seen deer, fox and coyotes. {editor’s note: the sunset views are incredible – ask about available dates for a special tour or charter!}

Find out more about what to expect here {including a fabulous video narrated by naturalist Phil Kyle) and don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the most unique natural resources on Cape Cod.

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