CapeMade Field Guide

We are just two months away from releasing our 3rd Edition of the CapeMade Field Guide. We are more excited than ever to share with you our perspective on the must-see, must-do, unknown and unseen parts of the Cape; our annual love letter to this special place and to the businesses that make it unique.

We named our publication the CapeMade Field Guide for very specific reasons. CapeMade for the local makers, artisans, craftspeople, growers, and businesses that are the features and the focus of each and every inch of space in the publication; and Field Guide to imply that it is meant to be in your bag or your car so that every time you want to hit the roads of the Cape you can find something cool to do, visit a local maker, or find a local business that can fulfill all of your wants and needs.

We will once again share ideas for day trips to each part of the Cape, recommend spots to explore, suggest what to do with the kids, divulge where to grab a bite and a drink, and restate the reasons that shopping local is so vitally important to the Cape Cod community. We are all about sharing what makes us love the Cape so much and hope you will be too! We are looking for you to tell us what you consider to be the “Best Kept Secrets” of this area for us to include in this year’s CMFG. Email us at and let us in on your little sandbar secrets.


  1. Connie mascio says

    We visit the Cape every Fall, usually in September. Have not seen the Field Guide yet. Where can we get the latest one for our trip in September? Are they sold or distributed free? Looks like something we definitely need. We shop local and eat only at non-chain restaurants while we’re there. Like to patronize local artists.

    • admin says

      Hi Connie! The 2017 Field Guide will be published in early April, at which time you’ll be able to find it online via the “CapeMade Field Guide” section of our site (you can check out the 2016 version there now). When you come to Cape Cod in September, you can pick up a print copy at our office, 535 South Street, Hyannis – as well as a variety of local businesses! Thank you so much for supporting locally owned businesses and LoveLiveLocal.

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