Cape Women Online

CapeWomenOnline is an engaging online publication, inspired by the women of Cape Cod, which provides a haven for rich content and captivating stories, as well as community resources, events and classes.

Passionately started by Katie O’Sullivan and Nicola Burnell, CWO prides itself on being “a local venue for the women of Cape Cod to share their ideas, experiences and resources while inspiring each other in their life’s journey.”

With an impressive list of contributors, ranging from established journalists to stay-at-home moms and everything in between, the content published on CWO, is both impressive and relevant.  Stories fall under Literary, Creative or Working Women banners as well as Holistic HealthLife Storiesand Community Action sections.

With a few years under their belt, CWO is really hitting their stride with exciting changes on the horizon including the addition of an online art gallery, a fashion section and a stronger interactive presence on social media.

Stay tuned for their summer issue, Making Waves, due out onJune 15.

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