Cape Fit Hoops

capeFitMost of us have tried hula hooping at some point in our lives, whether it’s just a playful memory from our childhood, or we’ve given it a whirl as an adult with the kids or at a festival embracing our inner free spirit. Regardless of when the last time you hooped was…we have something for you!

Meet Cape Fit Hoops! In the summer of 2014, Jessie Decker of Brewster took on a personal physical challenge after a long Cape Cod winter. Her challenge was hula hooping for 30 minutes for 30 days straight. During this challenge, Jessie fell in love with hooping and realized that it was not only a blast but also a great workout!

Inspired by her experience, Jessie became a certified hoop fitness instructor with Hoopnotica and later with FXP Hula Hoop and this past June launched Cape Fit Hoops.

Skeptical? Ten minutes of hooping is about equivalent to running a 10-minute mile and when hooping for fitness it’s possible to burn over 600 calories per hour. Jessie likes to emphasis that hooping is progressive; you may not get it right away but if you stick with it you are guaranteed to improve and most importantly have fun!

She is currently running classes and making her own original hoops for sale. She also sells FXP travel Hula Hoops. Look for classes at The Masjah Center,Cape Cod Beer and more.


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