Cape Delivery

Dreams really do come true. Most Cape Codders have at one time or another longed for more food delivery options. It’s a tough formula to get right as our sandbar can be logistically challenging.

Thanks to the Cape Delivery service, recently launched by owners Ryan Marcus, his fiancée Emily Brescia and future mother-in-law Maggie Ferrara, it looks like “food to your door, shore to shore” is finally a reality! Beginning with eight Orleans-based restaurants last month, and demand from several hundred more across the Cape, Cape Delivery is expanding deliberately, making quality the first priority.

The service is super easy to use: hop on their website to create your profile, download an app to your iPhone or Android, and start placing orders (or, find out when to expect delivery in your ‘hood).

And, the Cape Delivery team is committed to our community, working with nonprofit partners including Community Connections and the Lower Cape Outreach Council and creating reduced-fee programs for senior citizens who need assistance in getting meals delivered to their home.

We’re betting they’ll deliver for a long time to come.

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