Cape Cod Pulse

Falmouth native Sarah Murphy’s brother Ted Murphy, a local author and creative writing instructor, started a Facebook page called “Cape Cod Proud” last July, in an effort to counteract some negative publicity that was generated by a business in the Falmouth community. He began sharing positive posts in celebration of the Cape.

Encouraged by the response, they decided to pursue a broader forum together by launching the Cape Cod Pulse, an online magazine that features community news, lifestyle stories, and an events calendar, as well as their new series “Cape Cod Proud,” which features local businesses making a positive contribution to their community.

The ultimate mission at Cape Cod Pulse is to highlight the people, places, and businesses that make this area unique. As Sarah says, “The Cape Cod landscape is filled with talented individuals following their bliss and devoting their time by giving back to others. We choose to focus on them. We also like to have fun by offering our own perspective from time to time.”  As a like-minded venture, LoveLiveLocal is happy to have the Murphys in the mix and we hope you’ll support them as well

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