Cape Cod Coffee Roasters

Cape Cod Coffee Roasters was started in 1970 by Demos Young and was the Cape’s first commercial coffee roasting business. A third generation coffee roaster who was raised on a coffee plantation in Kenya, Demos has shared his knowledge with Molly and Cate MacGregor who in recent years took over the coffee business and commercial roasting facility in Mashpee.

Cate and Molly maintain the foundation on which Demos grew the company – creating a fresh and high-quality product – while continuing continue to grow the business by introducing new flavors of coffee, such as Rwanda pick of the crop select from Impala Zone and Gashonga Co-op Coffee Washing Stations, thus becoming the first coffee roasting facility in the United States to do so.

And now you can pick up a cup of joe or a pound of beans in the newly renovated Cape Cod Coffee Roasters retail store. Using repurposed locally reclaimed and salvaged materials, designers Scott Feenand Dana Heilman have helped them create a beautifully unique Cape Cod look, while also showing consideration to the natural environment.

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