Calmer Choice

Calmer Choice is a local non-profit organization that bring mindfulness programs to schools and kids’ programs on Cape Cod. The organization’s founder and executive director Fiona Jensen recently won the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award, an honor previously awarded to the likes of Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, and Maya Angelou!

The program was started in 2009 in response to the emotional devastation Jensen witnessed in her daughter and her friends after the tragic deaths of several of their high school classmates. It is currently in over 12 Cape Cod schools and has reached more than 3,500 students.

Calmer Choice addresses the issues of violence, suicide, and self- destructive behaviors in young people with hopes of creating a world in which our youth can lead lives of kindness and compassion towards themselves and others. Their programs provide mindfulness training, which builds skills to manage stress, resolve conflict and develop inner strength to lead happy and meaningful lives.

Programs are in high demand and increased growth is only limited due to a lack of funding. Get involved by participating in Cape Cod Yoga Day on May 17, where 100% of proceeds from participating yoga studios go directly to Calmer Choice.

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