A Local Look Back…and Forward

It can be a lot of fun to take a look back at the past year and reflect on how much has happened, what we learned, and what you loved about what we shared. Here are your favorites from the past year, as well as our promises to make 2016 just as, if not more, exciting and engaging as 2015.

10. {Giving}
You appreciated our piece on how to give locally and make a huge difference in local lives over the holidays, as well as our efforts to raise money for Cape Cod Child Development’s Early Intervention Program through Aston’s Bloody Mary Mix Off, the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund at the LoveLocal Fests, as well as our work with the Cape Cod Organic Farm and Cape Cod Beer to raise money for earthquake victims in Nepal. In 2016 we are looking forward to raising awareness about local issues and causes, as well as doing whatever we can to contribute to our community.

9. {Sipping}
Our article about local breweries, vineyards and distilleries to visit was a huge hit, we can’t wait to tell you more hot spots to visit and local products to try in 2016.

8. {Tasting}
Some of the stories you most enjoyed were those we wrote about our visits to local restaurants, including Tumi, Tap City Grille, Sunbird and your favorite post, Spoon and Seed. We love writing about local eateries, as they are some of the greatest income generators and largest employers for our region so you can be sure to hear more about good eats this year.

7. {Representing}
You liked seeing us as the subject of an editorial ourselves when we were cover girls on Cape and Plymouth Business Magazine.

6. {Listening}
Local music was of huge interest to you – you loved reading about the Yellow Dog Music Festival, and seeing the collaboration between Jordan Renzi and Jim Decatur. We can’t wait to highlight more local talent this year, as they represent much of the soul of our community.

5. {Chatting}
Reading about noteworthy locals like Mick Carlon, Melissa Crim of Melefant, and Joe Nastasi of Barnstable Eco Tours was fun for you, so we’ve decided to include a Chat with a Local in every forthcoming issue in 2016.

4. {Evolving}
Our sister project, Love Yoga Fest, sparked your interest quite a bit when we announced the classes, marketplace, and concert. Good news is we are putting on LYF again August 6 + 7, 2016 {mark your calendar}.

3. {Connecting}
You really loved some of the images we posted on social media: stunning sunsets, our whale watch excursion, serene scenic shots + epic beach scenes.

2. {Collaborating}
Our collaboration with Thrillist was insanely popular, as we shared with their readers the top nineteen things people don’t understand about the Cape. We look forward to more collaboration and telling more people how insanely awesome this place is!

1. {Celebrating}
And of course nothing was more popular than our coverage of our very own LoveLocal Fests from photo albums of our participating vendors to pictures from the event. This year promises to be another banner year for the LoveLocal Fests, so save the dates for July 31, September 25 and December 4, 2016

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