30 Day Yoga Challenge

Who doesn’t love a challenge?! Starting on January 2, the 3rd Annual Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge will start on Cape Cod. There are many yoga (and other fitness) challenges that take place throughout the year, driven by various organizations and groups, but this particular challenge, which runs from January 2 through 31, was officially brought to the Cape by Jill Abraham, founder of Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

During the challenge, participating yoga studios act as ‘hosts’ and track student participation and progress. The challenge is really quite simple: do (at least) 20 minutes of yoga every day for 30 days. You can do it at home, in a studio or wherever else you may find yourself!

We at LoveLiveLocal have participated over the last few years and the rewards are immeasurable. Dedicating 30 days to take some time for yourself, to improve your health and physical state, is dare we say…game changing! Join us and our sister organization, Love Yoga Fest as we celebrate the completion of the challenge with a fun workshop, led by several of the Cape’s beloved yoga teachers on January 31. Challenge or not, all are welcome!

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